Moldova 999.md one of the most popular site can help you quickly sell or buy almost anything. Are you looking for work, looking for a GPS map of Moldova, or maybe you want to sell jars?

Now you have available both 999.md version, but you also can post your add on another 100 sites, including Facebook! It’s free!

If you have a business you want to promote in Moldova, along with free ads from 999.md can choose a personalized page. How it will be looking   your page? There are several thousand options, here it is only one example of the personal page of doctor’s Ovidiu Arbuz .
The price of a custom website is MDL 1000 plus 100 MDL per month for maintenance .

 Monthly amount will not be paid if you are personally   adding content periodically. But If paid monthly, it   saves you pay 500 MDL annually to maintain the site online, payable starting with the third year after the launch of your site.

Choose 999.md for advertisements, but do not forget to post your ad here too!

Thousands of readers pass by daily and your chance to be looked for increases by at least 30%!

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