Here’s a pretty common question in the virtual world, how much you can gain from an affiliate membership, especially as many are disappointed for the gains obtained in the beginning months with Adsense. The answer may vary depending on the results of each one
Now we will analyze how much you can from an affiliate membership on the two large platforms in Romania, Piata Digitala and 2Parale. We believe that the presentation of first platform is better designed, but the number of deals of the second one gives you more options.

I can say that I’ve tried both, and I won money without much effort. However, on one of them, even the amounts were approved in December, money has not been received until today. In the second network, the money is received fairly quickly, although not too many.
Still believe that the best way to earn money with website or blog remains, Google adsense because here you can make a plan, you can try various options to attract visitors, and is obvious that once you have more traffic, you have better earnings.

If we analyze how the affiliate earn depending on traffic, or closer to the source on clicks, you cannot draw any conclusions, From 100 clicks you can have zero earnings, or on contrary, on 3-4 click sites per day, you can have a sale or two.

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